1 put a ennemy on your map

2 put some waypoints



if you want your ennemy to follow waypoint only 1 time, make shure the waypoints does not loop

if you want your ennemy to follow waypoint multiple time, make shure the waypoints does loop

3 select all your waypoints by clicking on them ( they should turn yellow ). then click on Edit on top of editor and select Waypoint from the drop down menu

4 Give your waypoint a name and click OK

5 Now, make shure your waypoints are all selected ( yellow ) right click on one waypoint and a box should appear.

6 click on Edit Ithem Attribute, In the Waypoint list, select the waypoint name you given a few minutes ago and click OK



Make shure you unselect all your waypoint

Now for the Bad Guy (AI)


7 Right click on your bad guy (ennemy)

8 select waypoint list ( the waypoint name you given ) and click OK

9 In this video, i put the bad guy BLIND but this is optional

10 Dont forget to put a player marker ( in this video, (coop) player start marker) click OK

11 Now We want to assign a group for our bad guy (ennemy) in this video i names the group Bad guy 1. Click OK

12 Now right click on bad guy, box appear, locate the group section and select the group bad guy 1 click OK

Now the magic begins



On top of editor, click Edit, Events

Click on New Event

double click on << New trigger >>

Trigger type = Group

Trigger condition = Lost X Units

Trigger if true

trigger variable


Group 1 = bad guy 1

Num Units = 1

Then action


click on new action

action type = Win Blue

click OK



click on the player

select Team = Good Blue

click OK

And voila

dont forget to save and export your mission

Have fun

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